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This stylish toddler toy from Taf Toys is packed with features to help your child learn all about colours, shapes, numbers, counting, stacking, nesting and problem solving whilst having fun.

The five sturdy stacking boxes are richly illustrated with gorgeous designs. Each box is illustrated with an adorable character from the Taf Toys Savannah Adventures collection, a shape, a number and a fruit design with quantities to match the number.

The largest cube cleverly doubles up as a shape sorter with a strong plastic lid. There are eight colourful shapes (heart, star, cube and cylinder) to sort and push through the lid and an easy opening to help retrieve them and make it easy to start over!

The shapes also link together and can stack to form towers. The stacking boxes are made from strong cardboard and the shapes and sorter lid from baby-safe plastic.

From 12 months.

Build a tower

Stacking toys help to refine toddler motions, working on placing the boxes on top of each other with the right amount of pressure and in the right position. Understanding that a smaller box must go on top of a bigger box is also a great skill to develop.

Shape sorter skills

Using the sorting lid and the included shapes will encourage little ones to use their cognitive skills to match the shape to the slot, and their physical skills to manipulate the shape into the correct orientation and co-ordination to push it through.

Learn to count

Each cube features a number from 1 to 5, allowing little ones to start recognising these from an early age and to understand the order of numbers in preparation for learning to count.


Hide the boxes away

Your toddler can even help tidy up! The boxes nest nicely within each other giving a rewarding sense of satisfaction for little ones when they nest them correctly ready to be conveniently stored away.

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Assembled size

13.5 x 13.5 x 14 cm

BPA Free


Phthalate free


Cadmium free


Formaldehyde free


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