Musical Toys and Instruments for Small Hands

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Halilit Baby's First Birthday Band Gift SetHalilit Baby's First Birthday Band Gift Set
Halilit Egg Shaker (Various Colours)Halilit Egg Shaker (Various Colours)
Halilit Music Pals DuetHalilit Music Pals Duet
Halilit Tummy Time Sensory KitHalilit Tummy Time Sensory Kit
Halilit Musical RingsHalilit Musical Rings
Halilit Baby Maraca (Various Colours)Halilit Baby Maraca (Various Colours)
Halilit Savannah Rhythm Gift SetHalilit Savannah Rhythm Gift Set
Halilit Music Pals ShakerHalilit Music Pals Shaker
Halilit Rainboshaker (Various Colours)Halilit Rainboshaker (Various Colours)
Halilit Baby Drum (Colours Vary)Halilit Baby Drum (Colours Vary)
Halilit Musical Nature FriendsHalilit Musical Nature Friends
Halilit Baby Band Gift SetHalilit Baby Band Gift Set
Halilit Magical Discs (Colours may vary)Halilit Magical Discs (Colours may vary)
Halilit Interactive Tummy Time KitHalilit Interactive Tummy Time Kit
Halilit Castanet (Various Colours)Halilit Castanet (Various Colours)
Halilit Ring My Bell (Colours Vary)Halilit Ring My Bell (Colours Vary)
Halilit Shaking Drum (Colours may vary)Halilit Shaking Drum (Colours may vary)
Halilit Maracito (Colours may vary)Halilit Maracito (Colours may vary)
Halilit Cage Bell (Various Colours)Halilit Cage Bell (Various Colours)
Halilit Shake 'n' Roll Gift SetHalilit Shake 'n' Roll Gift Set
Halilit Ocean DrumHalilit Ocean Drum
Halilit Baby Tambourine (Colours Vary)Halilit Baby Tambourine (Colours Vary)

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