Edushape Scented Sensory Ball (Various colours). Strawberry & Vanilla Scents.

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Edushape Scented Sensory Ball (Various colours) - Strawberry & Vanilla Scents

Introducing the Edushape Scented Sensory Ball - an innovative and engaging sensory experience for your little ones! This delightful ball is designed to stimulate multiple senses, providing hours of fun-filled exploration.

Crafted with soft, textured materials, this sensory ball offers tactile stimulation, encouraging tactile exploration and fine motor skill development. Its vibrant colours capture attention and spark curiosity, making it an ideal tool for sensory play.

But what sets this sensory ball apart is its delightful scents! Each ball is infused with a gentle, child-safe scent, adding an extra dimension to the sensory experience. With the scent of vanilla and the refreshing scent of strawberry, this ball engages the sense of smell, further enhancing sensory exploration.

Perfect for playtime, sensory therapy, or simply relaxation, the Edushape Scented Sensory Ball is a versatile addition to any child's toy collection. Whether they're rolling it, squeezing it, or simply enjoying its soothing scent, this ball promises endless sensory discovery and fun.

Give your child the gift of sensory exploration with the Edushape Scented Sensory Ball - where tactile stimulation meets delightful scents for an unforgettable playtime experience.

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