Buki France Volcanoes And Dinosaurs

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Buki France Volcanoes And Dinosaurs

Who isn’t fascinated by volcanoes and dinosaurs? Gain even more knowledge with this fantastic set of 15 related science activities, perfect for creating your own experiment lab at home! Recreate volcanic eruptions, study volcanic rocks, make your own lava lamp, dig up a Tyrannosaurus skeleton and rebuild this, among much more! With an easy-to-follow colour guide detailing the activities this is a fun scientific toy which educates too! Suitable for children 8 years and over

Included: 1 syringe, 1 plastic tube, Bicarbonate of soda (CAS 144-55-8 – 60g), Citric acid (CAS 77-92-9 – 50g), Red colouring, 1 connector, Volcano (2 sections), 3 rocks (pumice stone, granite and basalt), 1 magnifying glass, 1 map, 1 volcano transparency, 1 dinosaur transparency, 6 volcano maps,  1 Volcano Labyrinth map, 1 shadow card, 1 Dinosaur Profile card, 3 straws, 1 long capsule, 1 beaker, 1 container with cap, 2 small dinosaurs, 1 plaster block, 1 digging tool, 1 brush, 1 piece of string, 1 safety booklet.

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