Buki France Professional Studio Nail Stamping

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Buki France Professional Studio Nail Stamping

Enter the enchanting realm of nail art with the Buki France Professional Studio Nail Stamping set. Explore a dazzling array of 30 distinctive nail designs, each accompanied by video tutorials for easy guidance. With detailed step-by-step instructions found in the 40-page booklet, achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of your own home. Transform your nails into captivating masterpieces, following along with precision to replicate the designs flawlessly. This Nail Art set transcends the ordinary, featuring a specially crafted nail bar for enhanced convenience and functionality. The nail bar includes a secure finger-holding section for precise application and a drying area to accelerate the drying process of your freshly painted nails. For intricate detailing, a magnifying glass and light are provided to ensure impeccable craftsmanship (requires 2 x AA batteries, not included). Complete with essential tools and accessories such as eight vibrant nail varnishes, stickers, a dotting tool, tweezers, a cuticle shaper, and nail files, this set caters to every aspect of your nail art journey. Suitable for ages eight and above,

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