Buki France Professional Studio Mode

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Buki France Professional Studio Mode

Unleash your inner fashion designer with the Buki France Professional Studio Mode. Begin by selecting a figure from the collection and securely placing it in the figure holder. Utilise the four included stencils to design and draw unique outfits, hairstyles, and accessories. Take inspiration from the portfolio included in the set, showcasing a range of trendy styles and looks. To enhance your creations with depth and texture, the set includes a wide variety of accessories, including self-adhesive fabric, feathers, glitter, felt, ribbons, and more.

Express your creativity using the provided felt-tip pens and watercolour pencils, infusing vibrant colours into your designs. Equipped with scissors and a pencil sharpener, you have all the tools needed for precise and detailed work. The set not only keeps your materials organised but also features a convenient bow maker. Expand your fashion repertoire with the option to download additional blank figures from Buki France's website. The set is complete with a 20-page colour-illustrated booklet serving as your guide, offering step-by-step instructions on how to make a bow. Suitable for ages seven and above.

Included: beakers, pipette, measuring spoon, sodium alginate, colouring, animated card and illustrated guide to the activities.

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