Buki France Mini Lab The Chemistry Of Colour

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Buki France Mini Lab The Chemistry Of Colour

Discover the amazing secrets of colour with this scientific activity kit! With 6 colour-based activities, you can make creations such as a lava lamp, a firework and much more. It will also show you how to transfer colour and how colours react with temperature. The set contains 3 colourings (red, blue, and yellow), 6 coloured tablets, a test tube, a test tube support, a measuring spoon, a syringe, a stirrer, and a 50 ml beaker, along with some powered red cabbage to make the magic! All the experiments are explained step by step in the included 20 page full colour illustrated booklet ensuring no colour disasters as you experiment! Suitable for ages 8 years and above.

Included: red colouring (5ml), blue colouring (5ml), yellow colouring (5ml), powdered red cabbage (2g), 6 coloured tablets, test tube, test tube support, measuring spoon, syringe, stirrer, beaker 50 ml, illustrated guide to the activities.

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