Buki France Arcade Cabinet

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Buki France Arcade Cabinet

Create your very own games arcade with this retro DIY set! Using the screwdriver included players can assemble the controller, build the cabinet and then connect all the components: screen, speakers and power supply. Stickers are included to allow personalisation and the games unit comes with 12 classics to enjoy such as puzzles, snake, breakout and shoot’em up! Suitable for ages eight and above.

Included: 4 wooden panels, 1 screen, 1 controller, 1 top casing, 1 bottom casing, 1 circuit board, buttons; 1 conductive pad, 1 loudspeaker, 1 double-sided adhesive, 1 battery compartment, 2 white connectors, screws long x2, nuts x2, screws x6, 1 screwdriver, 1 sticker sheet.

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