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 Taf Toys Bedtime Kit - 0m+

Introducing our Bedtime Kit: the ultimate solution for a smoother and more enjoyable bedtime routine for your baby. Packed with 12 activities, it offers delightful aids to help instil a calming and relaxing routine from those precious first months.

This thoughtful gift set incorporates a soothing music and a gentle light unit to lull your baby into a peaceful sleep with 20 minutes of music - two soothing night tunes and two comforting sounds, a gentle shushing and soothing water sound. Parents can engage baby’s visual stimulation with the 7 double sided cards – one side offering a high contrast cute characters preparing for sleep, and the reverse with colourful images of Rylee Bunny running through his evening routine to help set a familiar and predictable bedtime atmosphere. These are ideal to use when practising tummy time, and an easy close plastic ring is also included allowing the cards to be used as book to flick through as little ones start to grow.

Early dental hygiene is encouraged through the inclusion of the baby's first toothbrush, a soft silicone brush with handles that makes it fun for baby to chew on, getting them used to the sensation of the bristles on their gums. Comfort and entertainment are also provided through a super soft blankie with teether feature and a separate bunny teether, offering a sense of security and soothing sensations.

Our Bedtime Kit is designed to make bedtime a breeze, promoting better sleep for your little one and a more enjoyable experience for parents. Invest in the kit today to create a peaceful and comforting bedtime routine that will help your baby sleep well and dream well. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to a restful and delightful sleep for your little one.

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