Taf Toys My First Shapes Puzzle

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Taf Toys My First Shapes Puzzle

Introducing Taf Toys' Montessori Puzzle, a unique and engaging toy designed to spark the curiosity of toddlers. This Montessori Puzzle offers four replaceable themes - animals, fruits, colours, and numbers. Each theme is represented by silicone shapes that can also be used as stamps. This Montessori toy is not just a form of entertainment, but a tool for enhancing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It provides a tactile experience, stimulating the senses of touch, play, and recognition, making it an ideal choice for baby puzzles 

What sets this toddler toy apart is the unique pincer grasps. The puzzle includes four different grasps - flat pinch, palmer grasp, hook grasp, and pincer grasp - each designed to support the baby's pincer grasp development, a crucial skill for fine motor skill development.

This Montessori puzzle encourages babies to recognize and match shapes, colours, animals, fruits, and numbers. thereby stimulating cognitive development. The silicone stamps, paired with four different sensory bases, provide tactile exploration and pattern recognition, stimulating baby’s sensory recognition. 

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