Musical Toys and Instruments for Small Hands

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Halilit Little Hands Music Band Gift SetHalilit Little Hands Music Band Gift Set
Halilit Baby Shaker (Various Colours)Halilit Baby Shaker (Various Colours)
Halilit Super Drum (Colours Vary)Halilit Super Drum (Colours Vary)
Halilit Harmonica (Colours Vary)
Halilit Snail Shaker (Colour vary)Halilit Snail Shaker (Colour vary)
Halilit Calypso Band Gift SetHalilit Calypso Band Gift Set
Halilit Rattle Roller (Colours Vary)Halilit Rattle Roller (Colours Vary)
Halilit Bendy Bell (Various Colours)Halilit Bendy Bell (Various Colours)
Halilit Fun Rattle (Various Colours)Halilit Fun Rattle (Various Colours)
Halilit Triola Gift SetHalilit Triola Gift Set
Halilit The Kids Band Gift SetHalilit The Kids Band Gift Set
Halilit RainbospinnerHalilit Rainbospinner
Halilit Musical Shapes Gift SetHalilit Musical Shapes Gift Set
Halilit Guiro ShakerHalilit Guiro Shaker
Halilit Fish GuiroHalilit Fish Guiro
Halilit Mini GlockHalilit Mini Glock
Halilit Rolly Shaker (Various Colours)Halilit Rolly Shaker (Various Colours)
Halilit Baby Mallet
Halilit Savannah Shaker - LionHalilit Savannah Shaker - Lion
Taf Toys Kimmy the Koala Musical ToyTaf Toys Kimmy the Koala Musical Toy
Halilit Shaker Maraca (Colours Vary)Halilit Shaker Maraca (Colours Vary)
Halilit School Recorder

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