Halilit's   Professional Range of Instruments - New for 2021


Halilit’s innovative Hi-Lo collection comes to market in 2021 with an extensive range, offering professional percussionists the unique ability to vary the sounds they produce, through simple hand and finger positioning. The perfect clarity and accuracy of the instruments is synonymous with Halilit’s reputation for high quality musical products, whilst the modern appearance ensures a visual appeal in any environment.


Targeted for use in musical education and by professional percussionists, key items in the range include the Hi-Lo Tambourine. This classic instrument features a unique design that enables the player to control the sounds by simply tightening and loosening their grip around the handle which doubles as a resonator box. The handy palm-sized Shaker has two flexible skins which add variety and depth to any musical style with varying pitch.


Both are available in four vibrant colourways offering a stylish edge to an ergonomically designed instrument.


Make your own dough with True Dough
Girl playing with True Dough by Halilit

Alongside these, the range also features Maracas, a Guiro, Agogo and Vibra Shaker as well as an ‘all-round’ Stage Pack – the ideal addition to any musical collection. With perfect resonance, internal shock absorbers and thoughtfully designed adjustable features this really is an innovative, yet practical instrument offering that is sure to be a bit hit with percussionists at all levels.


For more information please contact us on 01254 872454.

Halilit Showcase New Toy Ranges for 2021


With price points starting from just £1.99, Halilit are thrilled to be adding the cute Dodo collection of puzzles and games to their offering for 2021. Featuring adorable animal designs their 16-piece Single Puzzles are ideal for impulse purchasing, and with an SRP of just £2.99 the 2 in 1 Colouring Puzzles provide perfect pocket money entertainment.


The Dodo range offers puzzles suitable for children from 18 months, with 2-3-4 puzzle sets featuring fun and recognisable themes such as modes of transport and the Puzzle Duos designed to encourage little ones to match up popular animals with their food and habitats. For pre-schoolers age 3 years and above the collection includes fantastic gift boxed sets of 4 puzzles in 1 that will also enhance their knowledge of categories such as seasons and professions.


Additional Dodo lines already set to be top sellers are the Observation Puzzles which when built reveal a border of individual images for the child to look for within the main image – a build and seek puzzle that provides plenty of entertainment. With popular educational themes such as space, the world and much more, the Dodo range has already got off to a flying start with a hugely successful pre-launch in December.

Halilit are also looking forward to releasing a new collection of toddler toys in 2021 from the well-established Taf Toys nursery brand. Adding an ‘Easier Learning’ angle to their usual portfolio, the new toddler offering coincides with the launch of Taf Toys’ new Savannah Adventures collection and features newness like the ‘Savannah Sort & Stack’, a combination of stacking toy and shape sorter in one, providing further opportunities for counting and shape identification.


Other stylish wonder box launches include the ‘North Pole Ball Drop’ – stacking boxes with a variety of tactile balls that can be built up to create a larger tower or which can be used individually to encourage motor skills, and the Kimmy Koala Wonder Tissue Box – a sensory delight for inquisitive toddlers.


Taf Toys have also expanded upon their popular baby book offering with two new sensory Stroller Books – What Does Paul Wear and Where Is Joey? These tactile 15cm x 15cm books simply clip on to the pram and are designed to encourage toddlers to engage with the story-lines, peek a boo and textured elements. The new Savannah Adventures collection will add a further Tummy Time Book into the offering, to support the phenomenal success of the Kimmy Koala Tummy Time Book, and this new 2021 collection will be rounded off with an adorable range of soft toy friends and a super-sized, easy to clean foam playmat, ideal for use when out and about.

For enquiries please contact us on 01254 872454.


Make your own dough with True Dough
Girl playing with True Dough by Halilit
Girl playing with True Dough by Halilit
Make your own dough with True Dough