Construction Fun


Endless building possibilities with our extensive range of construction toys!

Interstar offers sets to suit all levels of ability. The brilliant and tactile Rings are easy for small hands to connect and detach.

Children from 3 years+ can build their own funky Animals, quirky People and Buildings or speedy Cars and Motorbikes.

Four larger sets allow children to imagine a trip to the Safari Park, to the Racetrack or even a voyage into Space. Dream about a time gone by with the Kingdoms set with its Knights and Castles.

Retail prices start from only £10. For schools and playgroups there are giant classroom sets each with a huge selection of pieces and complete with storage tubs.

All Interstar sets are compatible with each other.

One of the cute creations from Interstar Animals set. Lots of different pack sizes available.
Let their imagination run wild building all kinds of creations with the award winning Interstar Rings.
Some sets such as Interstar Safari include parts for building vehicles as well as animals.
Interstar Wheels can be used alone or with any other interstar sets opening up a world of possibilities.

Edublocks and Giant Blocks

Edublocks great fun for all ages.

Offer the opportunity for the youngest of little ones to make large constructions of their own design.

Edublocks are lightweight, colourful brick-shaped pieces that hold together firmly but are still easy for small hands to pull apart.

Giant Blocks are multi coloured lightweight closed-cell foam blocks that are accurately cut for easy stacking. Giant Wood-like Blocks look like wood but are made from the same light and safe foam.


Is a large-scale building system that packs away compactly for easy storage. Lightweight polypropylene panels clip firmly together to enable children to design and build Playhouses, Forts, Dens and Tunnels. Ideal for group play indoors or outdoors.

Magic Brix

are multi-coloured, flexible, soft and bristly pieces that are perfect for simple building. Each set contains wheels and a multitude of bricks.

Brik-A-Blok comes stacked flat for easy transport and storage.
Let their imagination run wild building tunnels and dens either inside or out.
Giant Blocks are large flexible blocks that are fun for kids of all ages. Also available in a wood effect finnish.
Wooden Edublocks look like wood but are foam with a wood like Finnish. Light and easy to clean.

Construction Fun Filler

Helpful Tips

Get down on the floor and play with your child. Research suggests that kids get more from block play when someone demonstrates how to build with them.

Challenge children with specific building tasks. To get things started, suggest a type of structure to build. You can use pictures and diagrams to inspire or guide a construction project.


Interstar is a colourful, tactile and extremely versatile construction toy suitable for children from ages 2 and up that provides limitless building possibilities for children of all ages.

Remember that fantasy is a valuable aspect of play.

Construction play seems so obviously mechanical, it's easy to think only of the development of practical engineering skills and forget the importance of imagination and mind-bending fantasy.

Interstar Racers

Create a racing car or let your imagination run wild and build something truely unique with this racing car themed Interstar set.